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September 2016
Newsletter #5
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Our Power is our Care, Our Power is our Presence!
"In 2011, Statistics Canada reported that over 200 languages are spoken in Canada and 80 per cent of those who spoke a second language live in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. Toronto, for example, is home to a staggering 140 different languages."
"International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30th on the feast of St. Jerome. FIT decides on a theme for each year and invites all of its member associations to join it in celebrating the day around the theme."
"Do you want to avoid serious risks involved in poor quality translation and interpreting services such as monetary losses and lawsuits?" 
Check a collection of Lawsuits in the industry
Be part of the progress, be a pioneer! Get your OCCI-ACI accreditation now!
We provide ACI interpreters preferential booking, preferential rank and preferential rate. Please send us your ACI card as soon as you receive it. 
Empowerment Tips
How To Be a Great Leader
In today's society, people are looking for people to lead. They are looking for people who are willing to step up and be an example of how to live. The world is dying for people that have the courage to lead themselves so they can impact the world around them. 
The following are some ways that you can become a leader that inspires others to action: 
Get Clear
Clarity = Power. All great leaders get clear about what they want. There is nothing more compelling than someone who knows exactly what they want. Clarity creates confidence, and confidence gives people certainty you can lead them. 
Have a Vision
For people to buy into who you are and what you're about, you need to give them insight on what you're vision is. A vision inspires and attracts people to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
People are looking for leaders who are comfortable showing who they are. Stepping into who you are at your core has tremendous power. Be open, be vulnerable, and be fully transparent with the world around you. 
Confidence gives people certainty that you will take their ideas and make the right decision. People are naturally drawn to someone who is confident because it's contagious - It inspires them to bring out more confidence in themselves.
Take time to listen to the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of the group. A great leader is someone who takes everyones point of view into consideration and makes everyone feel like they are a part of the vision. 
When you implement these tools, you will find that stepping in as the leader of a group or a team will come naturally. The world needs people that are willing to take the bold step into the role of leadership. The world is waiting for you to step up and create an impact - it's time to lead. 
Note: Health and/or Empowerment tips were compiled by Lola and/or Juan Bendana. These tips are for educational purposes only and are in no way intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any health condition. It does not constitute medical advice or any other professional advice. Always consult with your physician first. Visit our weekly newsletter  or our empowerment section for a compilation of tips. 
“If you have an excuse, don't use it: A common reason why people fail in relationships, work, and life-is that they have a good excuse. Making excuses has an effect similar to taking drugs like cocaine: The more a person uses excuses, the stronger the habit becomes, and the weaker the person becomes. Excuses are a way out but not a way forward.
If a person who makes a mistake can tell the truth, instead of making an excuse he/she will grow stronger. He/she may also discover the extraordinary power of making a sincere apology.  When you blame others, you suffer:  If you are running late for a meeting, do you blame traffic or do you confess you started out ten minutes late?”
 Dr. Robert Holden - Success Intelligence
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
Last few days for exclusive registration for: 
  • Active translators and interpreters working with us
  • Active clients
  • Members of the Board of Directors of translators and interpreter's associations
Early next week we will assign the remaining spots to those on the waiting list. 
Date: Saturday November 26, 2016
Check our site for OCCI subsidy, Raffles, speakers and updates. 
Participants must be registered/confirmed in order to attend. To register, please send an email to [email protected] 
“To do more for the world than the world does for you - that is success.” 
Henry Ford
We are participating in a Basket Brigade for Thanksgiving and are looking for donations and volunteers. Check the details at: 
Translators & Interpreters: Thank you for being on time with your translation projects and for arriving to your interpreting assignments a few minutes prior to the scheduled time. Punctuality is an essential part of our work, a determinant of quality services and therefore, a condition to work with us. 
Who do you need to contact at Multi-Languages?

Lola Bendana

Director Ext.222

Ann Menoudakis
Interpretation Ext.223

Mariolga Urdaneta
Translation/Revision/Braille Ext.224

Kevin Gonsalves
Desktop Publishing (DTP)/Audio/Video/Transcription Ext.226

Sergio E. Bendana
Business Development/Accounting
Rene Sandino F.
Client Care Team Ext. 221
Evelin Garcia
Client Care Team Ext. 221
Juan Bendana
Web Design - Social Media
Content from non-profit associations

We are glad to support the work of non-profit associations working towards the improvement of the translation and interpreting field. If you have events or news to share, we will be happy to publish them at no cost.
Who are we?
We are one of the most trusted translation agencies in the world and proudly Canadian. More importantly, the Multi-Languages culture is about making the world a better place! We are changing the world one person at a time, saving lives in multiple languages.

Because of what we do, people are happier and healthier. After two decades in business, we still believe in giving back, and we want people to feel happy and help others to achieve the same. It is a privilege to carry this mission. Helping others is what inspires us.
Whether you travel fast or slow, make sure you keep moving towards the things that you want and the goals you desire to achieve. All it takes is consistent forward movement to make an idea into reality. 
Our Quality Guarantee

Multi-Languages is committed to providing its clients with outstanding translation and interpretation services. We do extensive amount of work to ensure that the translations and interpretations that we deliver are of the highest quality. We are so confident in the high quality services we provide, that we offer a unique “Outstanding Quality Guarantee." If for any reason, you feel our services have not met our guarantee of highest quality, please contact us right away and we will make it right for you.

Contact us for details
We are Certified by the Canadian Standards for Translation Services (Canadian General Standards Board approved by the Standards Council of Canada) CAN CGSB  131.10-2008 and by the ISO 17100 Certification granted by the Austrian Standards Institute and the Language Industry Certification System (LICS). We have been certified under the European Standards (EN15038) since 2007, and now the EN has been replaced by ISO 17100
We fully abide and are certified under the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services – NSGCIS
For details on certification, please visit our site


Multi-Languages is the first translation and interpreting agency in Toronto to obtain accreditation by the Better Business Bureau!

  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly 
  • Tell the Truth 
  • Be Transparent 
  • Honor Promises 
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

Better Business Bureau Vision
"An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other." 

Multi-Languages has been accredited with the BBB as of October 2013

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