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December, 2014
Bulletin 2

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Do you want to know more about Conference Interpreting?

What are the differences between consecutive and simultaneous?
Definitions, standards, types of interpreting

Types of conference interpreting:
European Commission

E-learning tool for conference interpreters:
Open access repository of speeches in 24 languages

Why do you require a team for Conference Interpreting?
Professional Practice Conditions for Conference Interpreters in Canada

Babies Learn to Recognize Words in the Womb

"Brain wave patterns show that babies recognize "pseudowords" they heard in the womb. As a fetus grows inside a mother's belly, it can hear sounds from the outside world—and can understand them well enough to retain memories of them after birth, according to new research."

Quantifying Quality Costs and the Cost of Poor Quality in Translation

"What is quality in translation? While it is easy to identify an incorrect or inaccurate translation as a translation of poor quality, excellence is almost invisible. Quality is often taken for granted and the fact that it comes at a cost – or rather requires an investment – is often overlooked. Similarly, the full dimension of the costs and consequences of poor quality translations is not always visible.

Improving quality reduces the cost of poor quality; every time a mistake is made, or things are not done right the first time, it costs time and money to repair and rectify. Cutting costs by blanket budget reductions, percentage points or targets usually reduces quality and thus increases the cost of poor quality, if no analysis is made of which factors contribute to good quality and which are hindrances. Poor quality products or service result in unhappy customers and service users. By actually focusing on quality, organizations save money in the long run.


It is usually more expensive to correct errors than to "get it right the first time", but the latter requires an investment in quality, which, if done properly, is offset by cost savings because less errors occur further down the line.

At Multi-Languages, we have been contracted on several occasions to correct errors done by providers who have poor human resources screening and translation processes. As per the report below, it is more cost effective and less stressful for all parties involved to do it right from the initial stages of the project.

Quality Efforts and the Consequences of Poor Quality in the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation

Explore the Languages of the World

The Ethnologue is an excellent resource for those interested in learning about languages of the world, language development, endangered languages as well as extensive statistics about language families.

Health Tips

Which are the benefits of blending or Juicing?

Helps you absorb all the nutrients in fruits and vegetables (phytonutrients):

  • Helps to detox and alkalize your body
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases energy
  • The body receives high concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • Aids the digestive process

There are thousands of combinations you can use. The best ratio is 3 portions of green vegetables per 1 portion of fruit. If you are new to green drinks, start with a higher fruit ratio.

Sample recipe: spinach, cilantro, ginger, cucumber, lime or lemon and 1 fruit (apple, banana, mango, pineapple etc.)

It is better if you drink it within 15-20 minutes of preparation to avoid oxidation, however, if not possible, you will still get the nutrients.

Health tips are compiled by Lola Bendana. These tips are for educational purposes only and are in no way intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any health condition. It does not constitute medical advice. Always consult with your physician first.


Content from non-profit associations

We are glad to support the work of non-profit associations working towards the improvement of the translation and interpreting field. If you have events or news to share, we will be happy to publish them at no cost.
The Ontario Council on Community Interpreting is moving forward

The OCCI was created to advance the professionalization of Community Interpreting in Ontario and to be the body that oversees and regulates the accreditation of community interpreters. One of the main OCCI initiatives is to recommend as an essential part of the accreditation structure, post-secondary standardized training for interpreters.

List of colleges offering the Language Interpreting Training Program LITP

OCCI site

Canada-European Union: Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

How will the CETA affect the Canadian Language Industry? Unlike NAFTA, it seems there will be no "cultural exemption clause", therefore the translation industry will not be protected. The US-EU agreement is going through difficult negotiations. It is important to be informed on how these agreements will affect our sector.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
It is time to give!

As a company that cares, we are committed to helping those less fortunate around the world, as well as the most vulnerable members of our communities in Canada.

Do you want to suggest an organization to the list of charities we support?

You are welcome to propose a registered charity to be added to our site, charities should work on initiatives related to:

  • Youth
  • Homeless
  • Mental health
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Developing countries
  • Ethnolinguistic communities

A list of charities we support can be found at our charity page. You can contact the charities directly and support them.

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man sincerely try to help another without helping himself". Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finding "Lost" Languages In The Brain

"An infant’s mother tongue creates neural patterns that the unconscious brain retains years later even if the child totally stops using the language. The implications of this finding are far reaching, and open the door for questions relating both to the re-learning of an early acquired, but forgotten, language or skill, as well as the unconscious influence of early experiences on later developmental outcomes."

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Multi-Languages is the first translation and interpreting agency in Toronto to obtain accreditation by the Better Business Bureau!

  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly 
  • Tell the Truth 
  • Be Transparent 
  • Honor Promises 
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

Better Business Bureau Vision
"An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other." 

Multi-Languages has been accredited with the BBB as of October 2013


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