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July 2016 ADH Newsletter 

Come Celebrate at Maui Brewing Co.!
Please join us tomorrow Friday, July 29th from 6-9 p.m at Maui Brewing Company in Lahaina for a great event supporting Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and celebrating ADH graduate and volunteer Taylor Jackson's birthday! A portion of the proceeds from Maui Brewing Co. beers sold will go towards providing Assistance Dogs and lifetime follow up support free of charge. Come meet our puppies in training, and wag your tails for Maui ales!
Nani Performs Life Saving Skill
Paula and her Service Dog Nani had only been partners for one month when Nani's skills were put to the test. Paula is a Kula resident who has ALS. Occasionally her breathing tube disconnects, and without air she is not able to call for help. Instead, she makes a clicking noise to get someone's attention. Paula was alone in her room when her breathing tube fell out and she was not able to call for help. Nani was trained to alert bark when she hears Paula clicking, and she immediately barked loudly, alerting Paula's caregiver, who ran from the kitchen to re-attach her breathing tube. Way to go Nani!
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."
-- Helen Keller
Kamehameha Senior Gives Back!
Thank you so much to Kamehameha High School Senior Kiana Correa who chose to focus her Senior Project on Assistance Dogs and the amazing work that they do. For the product phase of her project, Kiana raised money by collecting recyclable bottles, cans, and plastics from across Maui to donate to ADH. After months of collecting, Kiana raised $500, which will go towards providing Assistance Dogs and lifetime follow up support free of charge. Mahalo Kiana, and best of luck with your senior year!
Learns About Assistance Dogs
This month we were visited by Fun-2-3 pre-school. Students learned about the different types of Assistance Dogs that we raise and train, and what goes into training our dogs. They also learned about the different ways we care for our dogs, like diet, exercise, and grooming. The students were surprised by how important it is for dogs to have their teeth brushed, just like us! The students watched a training demonstration by interns Gina and Kana, enjoyed meeting some of our puppies in training, and helped with their grooming!
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Our May "Puppy of the Month" is Willow, the first featured puppy from the "W" litter! Willow is a very intelligent and curious puppy, who is never afraid to try something new. A sweet and loving puppy, she enjoys socializing with both children and adults. Willow is being puppy raised by Erin Johnson, and has starred in a lot of our recent training demonstrations as a part of our Community Outreach Program. We are very excited about the future of this little hero in training. Go Willow!
Assistance Dogs of Hawaii is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN: 99-0353694) that provides children and adults with disabilities professionally trained dogs that will increase their independence and enhance the quality of their lives. We are committed to serving people in Hawaii with special needs through Community Outreach Programs and developing the potential dogs have to assist people in need through our Research Programs. Assistance Dogs and lifetime follow-up support are provided free of charge.
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