Stephen Levin lecture series at the University Neighbourhood Assoc. lecture series.
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Please join Pacific Northwest BIG on this very special occasion in welcoming Stephen Levin, MD to Vancouver.

University Neighborhood Association Lecture Series

6-8pm, Friday, November 18, 2016
Multipurpose Room
3335 Webber Ln · (604) 822-4227
No Registration Required
UBC  Wesbrook Centre has graciously offered us the opportunity to have this presentation as part of their free lecture series, and we wish to express our gratitude at their generosity.
Stephen Levin, MD will speak about tensegrity in biology: biotensegrity, and will share his explorations and research conducted on this topic over the last 40 years or more.
Levin's groundbreaking work and extensive knowledge of biotensegrity is changing our understanding of biologic structure. He has tirelessly devoted himself to ensuring that the emerging paradigm of biotensegrity becomes as accessible as is possible.
This model presents a new way of looking at human anatomy, and may broaden our range of knowledge and insight, and inspire all of us to learn about and honour our human form in a new way.
We invite everyone working in health and wellness, or any field that depends on a clear understanding of biologic structure, human anatomy and movement, to attend and share in the explorations. The concept of biotensegrity is already transforming research and understanding in disciplines as diverse as cellular biology, robotics, surgery, medical invention, haptic perception, systems biology, osteopathy, ecology, podiatry, animal morphology, and physical therapy. Biotensegrity is catalyzing positive developments in the areas of elite sports, coaching, complementary medicine, massage therapy, and general fitness (including weight training, Yoga, Pilates and T’ai Chi). However, NO medical knowledge or biologic expertise of any kind is necessary to appreciate this new paradigm, and we invite anyone with an interest to join us.
The evening will include a presentation by Dr. Stephen Levin with time afterwards for Q&A and discussion.
A Sharing Table will be set up, so please bring your business card, and other material telling us about your work or business.
Inaugural Pacific Northwest BIG
This the first ever Pacific Northwest Biotensegrity Interest Group Event.
Handspring Publishing is helping us celebrate. They are offering a discount on these must-read books. Please enter coupon code PNBIG16. We will also have a limited number of books available at the event.
Thank-you Handspring Publishing
Online Resources for more information on biotensegrity:
Terra Rosa E-magazine - Biotensegrity Feature
Liberated Body podcasts with Brooke Thomas “where you can listen to somatic thought leaders talk about the universes inside of us and what it means to live in a body in the modern world.”
This event is free
Donations to the SM Levin Biotensegrity Archive will be greatly appreciated. (
Big Gratitude to Bruce Hamilton of Tension Designs.who will be bringing these sculptures and more to the event for viewing and for sale in support of the archive.

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