December 11, 2015  
Dear Camp Northland alumni and supporters,  
When I talk with alumni and supporters of camp like you, I am encouraged to hear how Camp Northland-B’nai Brith has played a significant role in the lives of our campers and staff years and decades after the camp experience.  We have heard countless alumni stories and anecdotes about the ways that your time at camp developed character, your sense of social justice, facilitated your social success, your independence, your confidence, and your connection to the Jewish community.  
Thousands upon thousands of alumni use these camp learned life skills to now lead and serve in a variety of areas, careers and trades. Wherever you find yourself, you represent the best of Camp Northland-B’nai Brith.  Similarly, our non-alumni supporters are the best of our community at large.    
You may have heard we are engaged in an ambitious plan to renew our scholarship/subsidy programs.  Our goal, as always, is to provide an exceptional and unparalleled summer experience for as many campers as possible while ensuring strength, Jewish pride, leadership and a sense of community for all who participate.  
For instance, we have partnered with various organizations to increase our levels of support and engagement.  We are continuing our great work with Jewish Family and Child Services, One Happy Camper and UJA Federation, Kids in Camp and other new sources of funding support.  The support and matching we receive from third party programs often depends on, or is contingent upon, the levels of support we can offer through internal fundraising campaigns, outreach and enrolment success.  
Today, as we approach our Chanukah holidays, I invite you to support the miracle of summer camp by making a gift to the Camp Northland Scholarship (Subsidy) Fund.  
Every gift to the Camp Northland Scholarship Fund will make a significant difference to our campers and their families. Your donation, along with those from other alumni and supporters, will ensure that current and future campers receive the magic and wonder of summer camp.  
Offering the best of residential summer camping is possible through the support of alumni and our community.  Participation from Camp Northland-B’nai Brith former campers and staff is crucial to the success of our campers.  As one of your fellow alumni has shared:  
“Camp Northland-B’nai Brith changed my life. It gave me the tools to understand myself, grow as a person and flourish socially and eventually professionally.  Camp is a part of my DNA.  I believe it is essential that alumni give back to allow future generations to experience what we did and share in the same success and celebrations that arise when you experience summers at this camp.”  
At Camp Northland-B’nai Brith, it is all about the campers. Our focus on improving staff training, raising expectations, increasing supervision, and reforming our programming to best reflect the current camper and family demands continues to allow us to attract an increasing number of campers from all over the GTA and beyond.  
Donate today to the Camp Northland Scholarship Fund.  Donating to this fund ensures campers receive a life changing opportunity to experience summer camp.  
With your gift, you provide campers meaningful experiences and opportunities that will benefit them long after they become alumni themselves.  
Thank you for considering this important investment.  
Onward NBB,  
Simon Wolle
Director, Camp Northland-B’nai Brith  
P.S. Please take time today to make your donation to the Camp Northland Scholarship Fund.  For your convenience, you can make your secure online gift at, click donate and select accordingly.