Assistance Dogs Northwest Newsletter
Volume 17 Issue 8
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Welcome Back Davis!
Puppy in Training Davis, recently arrived by ferry to our campus on Bainbridge Island and is beginning his Advanced Training! Over the last 13 months, Davis has passed the Kindergarten and Basic Training courses with flying colors. He has now graduated to the Advanced Course where he receives daily training such as opening doors, turning on lights, and walking next to a wheelchair. Davis has a gentle soul and loves everyone he meets. We look forward to watching him grow and have high hopes for his future. Thanks to the Wicker family for doing such a great job raising Davis!
Camp Hope Therapy Visit
This month we had the opportunity to volunteer at Camp Hope, a weeklong summer camp for children and families affected by domestic violence. Campers enjoyed learning about the different types of Assistance Dogs, their training, and the many ways dogs can help people heal. Courthouse Facility Dog Marshal and Puppy in Training Gus had a blast showing off their fun skills and interacting with all the kids. It was hard to tell who had more fun, the dogs or the kids!
Graduate Spotlight:
 Casey Shannon and Service Dog Gabe
Casey Shannon and Service Dog Gabe are quite a dynamic duo! Casey is a college instructor and internationally acclaimed artist. Gabe was matched with Casey in 2009 as a successor to Casey's previous Service Dog, Hank. Gabe loves to work and assists Casey with retrieving objects, opening doors, and even getting clothes out of the dryer. They recently visited our campus on Bainbridge Island to participate in the 4th of July Parade.
"Gabe is absolutely the best dog ever," says Casey. "He is so loyal and he is just there for my every need. When you have a disability, it is such a comforting thing knowing that you have a best friend who always has your back." 
To see Casey's artwork, visit her website here
"A kind gesture can reach a wound that
only compassion can heal." 
-Maya Angelou
Assistance Dogs Northwest is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN: 99-0353694) that provides children and adults with disabilities professionally trained dogs that will increase their independence and enhance the quality of their lives. We are committed to serving people in the Pacific Northwest with special needs through Community Outreach Programs and developing the potential dogs have to assist people in need through our Research Programs. Assistance Dogs and lifetime follow-up support are provided free of charge.
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